Dealing With Collision Repairs

Ways To Save Money On Your Next Auto Body Repair Bill

It doesn’t matter whether your car was dented in the parking lot of the grocery store or you were involved in a car accident, auto body repairs can be expensive. The good news is, there are several different things that you can do to help lower the cost of the bill. Check out these simple […]

Taking A Look At The Two Of The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A Replacement Soft Convertible Top

While your soft convertible top may last for years without the need for replacement, there is a pretty good chance if you hang on to the same vehicle for a lot of years, eventually, you will need a replacement. Even though it is ideal to have a professional install a new convertible top for you, […]

Saving Cash On Auto Body Repair

Whether you’ve been in a fender bender, a dinger, or an all out head-on collision, auto body repair can wind up being rather expensive. Luckily, there are ways that you can save money on auto body repair, so long as you’re mindful of the prices and don’t mind just a little bit of DIY work. […]

Ask These Three Questions When You’re Checking Out A Garage For Your Repair Work

When your vehicle gets damaged, one of your first orders of business is to find a collision repair shop that can help get your ride back to working order. Although you might be anxious to leave the vehicle at a shop and have the work get started as quickly as possible, it’s worthwhile to visit […]

Three Common Issues When Repairing Paint Following A Collision

If you’ve recently experienced a serious collision, it’s very likely that your vehicle’s paint has been damaged — even if it seems as though the damage isn’t serious. Paint scratches and scrapes can be more detrimental to a vehicle than they seem. Many assume that paint is purely cosmetic, but it’s really an important barrier […]

Consider Used Parts To Fix Your Car

Car repairs can be expensive, especially if you are purchasing parts directly from the manufacturer. New parts will cost you top dollar but will not necessarily provide any better performance. It is possible that a used part may be a much better option for you. The following situations are great times to buy a used […]

3 Things To Look For When Picking Up Your Car From A Body Shop

If you have recently had your car fixed after an accident, you could be worried about what it will look like. It’s important to carefully inspect your vehicle before you drive it away from the body shop; then you can have any problems repaired. Luckily, by looking for these three things, you can help ensure […]

Auto Body Collision Repair: 3 Facts You Should Know

Were you recently involved in an auto accident that resulted in serious damage to your vehicle? If so, there are a few facts that you should know before taking your vehicle into a local collision repair shop to be fixed. Taking the time to review these facts outlined below can help you to avoid unnecessary […]

4 Tips To Repairing Paint Scratches After A Car Collision

If you’ve been in a car accident recently, you can probably remember getting a headache just thinking about how to repair all the damage, and of course what it would cost. Even in cases of minor fender benders, taking your car or truck to a professional body shop for collision repair can be expensive. Of […]

How To Fix A Minor Scratch In A Car’s Paint Job

Scratches and chips in your car’s paint can be a massive headache because if left untreated, they could begin to rust. For all major paint jobs on a car you should always take it into a a professional auto body shop that specializes in painting and restoration. For minor scratches and  chips you can attempt […]